Sunday, May 2, 2010

Needs & Wants.

Some of you may know that I tend to make things to fulfil a need, as it arises, for either my kids or one of our little friends.  The Feeding Bibs were the beginning of it all, for Baby Elephant #1 who'd guzzle down a feed, and invariably bring some of it back up again and the Dribble Bibs for Baby Elephant #2 who'd saturate shirts in an instant!  The aprons you heard about here, the softies were for fun and bobby pins for mums - because we all know that mums love shopping for the kids, but it's nice to treat yourself to something little here and there!!  Most items are designed to bring a bit of style to a job that could be fairly yuck, but some items are simply great to look at...

I'm working on a few new things right now, some to fulfil a need, and others just beacuse I want to! It's great getting one's head around something new!  I'm looking forward to sharing these with you soon, but was wondering if there's anything out that you're working on, a little project, or new skill?  I'd love to learn how to crochet, but I just don't know where to start with that!  Maybe the Handmade May challenge will inspire me, with birthdays and Mother's Day just around the corner?

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  1. I learned to crochet last winter using you tube mostly! Meet me at mikes has a great tutorial on how to crochet granny squares. I highly recommend crochet- much easier than knitting for me, and nice to have a sit down in front of the TV/portable craft. I'm still pretty unco, but enjoy it anyway!


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