Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling Challenged!

As I've already mentioned, the last few weeks were flat out with preparations for Hide & Seek Market, but also keeping me busy was a little challenge hosted by the Handmade Co-op involving this UGLY fabric!

And, believe me, I didn't think it was that ugly on screen, but it's much worse in reality!! I was actually a little stumped as to what to do with it.  The challenge involved each crafter having to turn a piece of the UGLY vintage fabric into something that was appealing to the general public and suitable for use with kids. I'd been wanting to add to the range of softies for some time, so decided to combine the two challenges and came up with this...

A birdie sure to delight the senses with its vivid colouring, tactile wings and ability to brighten up a room with its presence!!  What do you think?  Could I ask you to head over to the Handmade Co-op blog and vote for the creation you think best uses this UGLY fabric - (hopefully it's IndigoElephant!!).

Monday, July 26, 2010


Visitors to Hide & Seek market yesterday were the first to see and buy some pretty new things. They will appear in store soon...

Some of the delightful new fabrics for bibs.
Pretty ruffled scarves - a cute accessory for girls of all ages!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A{nother} Busy Week.

Yes, I have been absent for a bit, but I haven't been sitting around sipping lattes and catching up with friends! I have, in fact, been flat out preparing for the first ever Hide & Seek Market.  It's on this Sunday, and is bringing gorgeous handmade goodness for babies and kids to the Hills and surrounds.  

IndigoElephant will be there, with lots of new goodies, and some special 'market only' items - lots that are one of a kind! You can also grab a coffee and a cupcake, some creative zines and browse at your leisure, so pop by for a visit this Sunday - hope to see you there! 

Hide & Seek Market
Sunday July 25, 10am - 3pm
Wrights Rd Community Centre
cnr Wrights Rd & Harrington Ave, Kellyville

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some Art.

So you might remember a little while back I was trying to decide on some art prints I'd come across on my travels through Etsy-land. Well, I've finally started my small collection. I'm thinking of hanging them beside my notice board - which is still unfinished and leaning against the wall ... once I get some frames!

The three elephant prints are from Trafalgars Square, the whole shop is full of gorgeous illustrations and it was hard choosing just these three!  These would be great for a nursery or bedroom too.

The one above is from Pocket Carnival, Penny draws these whimsical little creatures and the above print was from an ink and watercolour illustration on calico.  Penny's illustrations are also printed onto fabric, then made into all sorts of gorgeous things!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Now Available!

Yes, the stroller/pram blankets are now in store!  Currently available in these four delightful styles...

 Haul It! by Michael Miller.

Beach Ball, from the Snorkel range by Cosmo Cricket.

Wings of Peace by Michael Miller.

Bermuda, from the Snorkel range by Cosmo Cricket.

Each blanket is backed in cozy cotton chenille, and available from the Madeit and Etsy shops.  If you'd like a special introductory price, visit the Handmade Co-op blog, find the special code and enter it at checkout for a discount (discount refunded via Paypal).

Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Short Break.

Earlier this week we ducked down to the far south coast of NSW to visit some extended family and have a short break from the usual shenanigans.  It was so very relaxing, and the kids had a ball, chasing chickens, feeding chickens, collecting eggs, bringing in some firewood, and playing at the beach - just on the sand and rocks as it is the middle of winter!! 

The boys did surprisingly well in the car, considering we were travelling for over 6hrs each way.  But we're back now, and right  into the swing of things here... mainly preparing for the upcoming Hide & Seek Market in a couple of weeks, and filling some orders, and thinking up lots of lovely new things to make, and making my submission for the Handmade Co-op Ugly Fabric craftathon!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Sneaky Sneak Peek.

Earlier in the week I was all set to share the new pram blankets with all of you, but that has been delayed a teeny bit.  But I did promise to show some pics, so here is a tiny little look at a couple of the fabrics they'll be available in.

Made of lovely designer cotton, and backed in white chennille, these are snug and warm, and sure to keep little ones toasty while out and about in chilly winter weather.  The boys have claimed the top one, and Atticus loves using it while snuggling on the lounge!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Toy.

Our oven has been dying a long slow death in the five years we've been here, so with winter in full swing and the need for warm, comforting baked goods, we decided the time had come to invest in a new oven.  One that didn't burn everything put in it, while leaving some bits raw, one with a light that works, one that wasn't so noisy it gave me a headache listening to the noise of the fan - or whatever bits were being noisy - you get the picture... Today our new oven was installed, so today I baked!! I'd forgotten how enjoyable baking should be.  


And the cake was perfect, no burnt bits, no crunchy edges with raw middle, no noise, no disappointment.  Here is what I baked...  So it may not win any ribbons for prettiness, but trust me, it's delicious!

Lucy's Apple & Date Cake

And here is the recipe, given to me by my very good friend Lucy, and scrawled on the back of an envelope while our kids played at the park this morning!

Lucy's Apple & Date Cake

175g butter
1.5 cups self raising flour
2 teaspoons mixed spice

1-2 granny smith apples, peeled and chopped
3/4 cup raw sugar
1 cup chopped dates

1 egg
150ml milk

2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons raw sugar

Rub butter into flour and mixed spice, until it resembles breadcrumbs (can be done by hand or in food processor).
Stir in apples, sugar and dates.
Then stir through egg and milk.
Bake at 160'C (fan forced) for 60mins.

Melt honey and stir in extra sugar, spread over warm cake.  This cake tastes great anytime, but is especially delicious served warm.

PS. I'm well aware my presentation and plating skills would not cut it with the CWA, but who has time for plating when this waits to be consumed!