Sunday, June 23, 2013

Heading Back To Market!

If you're one of our facebook friends, you would've heard that we're dipping our toes into the market scene again, albeit slowly and in a small way!  So, this Friday, Sydney peeps can find us at a great initiative run by a local cafe...

Did you hear Air Coffee is going to be open on a Friday night for a special event? We're hosting Makers' Pop-Up on Friday June 28 (7pm to late).
Entry is free to all, just come along and:

PARTICIPATE: Bring your own small craft projects to work on in a creative space with like-minded people

APPRECIATE: Check out the pop-up stalls by local artisans selling a range of beautiful handmade clothes and products

EAT CAKE: In addition to our great coffee, our chef is also planning a special snack menu featuring winter comfort food and some of our favourite cakes

There's something for everyone, so make sure to tell all your friends. Hope to see you on the night!

So if you're looking for something to do this coming Friday, grab some friends, your needles, hooks, sketchbook etc and get yourselves to AIR Coffee 1/10 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill. Hope to see you there, I'm particularly looking forward to the 'eat cake' part of the night!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KCW Day 7 :: And on the seventh day she crashed!

Oh it's been a long week... The baby and I have been sick for most of it, with my antibiotics only just kicking in! So today was a bit of a fizzer in terms of sewing. There was lots to do to get the family ready for the return to school as well so all that was made is this last minute Oliver + s Lazy Days Skirt.

It doesn't use the full width of fabric so it isn't as gathered as it could be, but probably doesn't need to be for a baby.  Made using the same fabrics as the second Ice Cream Blouse, grey as main fabric though and the floral made into some binding for the hem. This was another one of those insanely easy and gratifying projects, and there will definitely be many more of these in our baby's future wardrobes!

Apart from sewing this skirt up, Day 7 was spent taking up hems on the big boy's winter school trousers. Needless to say, halfway through the term I had to let them down again. That kid is growing like a weed - but waay cuter!

KCW Day 6 :: Another Ice Cream.

During my break with knits on Day Two I decided to cut out another Ice Cream top! Yes before the first was even made, but my faith in Oliver + s patterns is so great that I knew it wouldn't be a waste! I started making it along with the first one but stopped part way in as I wanted to add some piping between the yoke and bodice.  Of course the fabric for the piping hadn't been pre-washed, so the top was put on hold while the piping was made!

Really happy with how this turned out despite having the same issues as the last one with the yoke attachment.  It was planned for the autumn weather,  to be layered with a long sleeve tee and worn with long pants or a skirt and tights, but we've had some really stunning days, with temps in the mid to high 20s (celcius), so shorts it was!  Now I'm hoping she'll still be wearing it come summer!

KCW Day 5 :: Pyjama Day!

The boys always seem to need more pyjama pants and each year I feel like I add a bigger hem , and each year they outgrow them. So this time I added even more length to the hem in the hope that these will last them just that bit longer.

Pyjama pants are so gratifying to make because they come together super fast, especially is you use a one piece pattern!  These were made with the pattern in Sewing For Boys, omitting the faux fly for even speedier sewing, but adding about 5cm extra to the length.

The fabrics are from Spotlight, sold as a cotton poplin but feels more like a quilting cotton. The boys love the fabrics and there's enough left to make them some pyjama shorts for Summer! Win!!

KCW Day 4 :: Apple Picking.

Day Four was all about the Ice Cream Blouse by Oliver + s.  Another easy to understand pattern with great results... Though I did struggle with one part! 

Those of you who've made an Ice Cream Dress will know the bit I mean, it's right at the end where you're trying to attach the back yoke to the bodice and it all gets a bit tricky. It didn't matter how many tips on blogs or forums I read, it just wouldn't work. So in the end I did it as best I could and then hand finished around the join to neaten it all up

Don't you think the French seams are beautiful! Love how neat and tidy they look!! Just need to work out what to pair this with, maybe we need some new pants?  I think the fabric selection was subconciously influenced by our recent apple picking adventure, we brought home kilos of apples and loved eating them!

Fabric: Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Farmers Market Apple Dot.
Pattern: Ice Cream Blouse - Oliver + S, size 6-12mth.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KCW Days 2 & 3 :: Skinny Tees Galore!

Days Two and Three have been all about the 10 - 15 minute bursts of sewing here and there and I'm ready to hurl these Tees in the bin!

The sleeves were set fine,  definitely getting better at pinning and sewing them in. Fixing the binding around the neck opening of one beat me for the rest of Day Two.  For a reason I'm yet to work out, the machine kept chewing up the fabric and not feeding it along, and after unpicking the first attempt I didn't have the energy to unpick the second. My long held dislike for knits curling up, stretching and basically not playing nicely has been lived out over the last two days but I'm determined to conquer these shirts. 

Version 1 :: made using an old maternity dress for the main body and some red ponte from the stash. He loves it, so a win there!

Version 2 :: another make from an old dress. The attempt to turn it into a dress wasn't too successful, the neckline is a mess and with a bubba who is still commando crawling the front is already pilling.  This one was definitely a learning experience!

Version 3 :: using up some more fabric from the stash, the most roll-y annoying fabric ever. Added a band at the hem for a bit of extra length (and because I couldn't get the hem to sit flat long enough to sew it!)!

Version 4 :: this cotton jersey was much easier to work with in that it didn't roll up but it also doesn't have as much stretch to it so the neck was a challenge. Appliqued some paper aeroplanes on it because who doesn't love paper aeroplanes? May need to make another  because the middle child has worked out that the eldest got two shirts!

All in all a huge learning experience for me. Still haven't come around to enjoying working with knits but I'll be back and work on some more {one day}... they will not get the better of me!