Tuesday, June 11, 2013

KCW Days 2 & 3 :: Skinny Tees Galore!

Days Two and Three have been all about the 10 - 15 minute bursts of sewing here and there and I'm ready to hurl these Tees in the bin!

The sleeves were set fine,  definitely getting better at pinning and sewing them in. Fixing the binding around the neck opening of one beat me for the rest of Day Two.  For a reason I'm yet to work out, the machine kept chewing up the fabric and not feeding it along, and after unpicking the first attempt I didn't have the energy to unpick the second. My long held dislike for knits curling up, stretching and basically not playing nicely has been lived out over the last two days but I'm determined to conquer these shirts. 

Version 1 :: made using an old maternity dress for the main body and some red ponte from the stash. He loves it, so a win there!

Version 2 :: another make from an old dress. The attempt to turn it into a dress wasn't too successful, the neckline is a mess and with a bubba who is still commando crawling the front is already pilling.  This one was definitely a learning experience!

Version 3 :: using up some more fabric from the stash, the most roll-y annoying fabric ever. Added a band at the hem for a bit of extra length (and because I couldn't get the hem to sit flat long enough to sew it!)!

Version 4 :: this cotton jersey was much easier to work with in that it didn't roll up but it also doesn't have as much stretch to it so the neck was a challenge. Appliqued some paper aeroplanes on it because who doesn't love paper aeroplanes? May need to make another  because the middle child has worked out that the eldest got two shirts!

All in all a huge learning experience for me. Still haven't come around to enjoying working with knits but I'll be back and work on some more {one day}... they will not get the better of me!

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