Saturday, January 29, 2011

On My Table...

This is what I'm working on right now, gorgeous felt bead necklaces. The pretty colours make me happy so I had to share!  But I'm about to pack these babies away and get working on a custom order for a soon-to-be-here little boy.  Hope you're doing something that makes you happy this weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to my Aussie supporters, wherever you may be!  Wishing you a wonderful day filled with friends, food and fun, celebrating everything it means to be Australian!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Very Productive Day.

Don't you love it when you get to the end of a day and can sit back feeling that you've achieved something during that day?  I do, and I don't just mean picking up all the kids toys multiple times, vacuuming the floor, getting washing done, dried and back in, a bit of gardening etc etc...though these are all important to a functioning family home for my sanity!  But today I had the extra enjoyment of posting off my first wholesale order and receiving my new eftpos machine.  I've been wanting to get eftpos set up for some time, and can now cross that off the list, and I'm hoping that all those shoppers who've been asking me if I have it will be back at Handmade Market in Canberra to help me test it outOk, my working day is not over just yet, so I better get back to it!

Oh, how great is Audrey Hepburn? Image from here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Break Over!

The online shops are re-opened, four loads of washing have been done with another one to go, most of the bags have been unpacked, fruit & veg have been re-stocked with groceries to be done tomorrow and I am back from our break - with the mandatory post-holiday head cold!  We had a lovely week away at Fingal Bay, about 2hrs north of Sydney,  the four of us at the beach for a whole week.  We were blessed with fantastic weather, and even the rainy mornings turned into beautiful warm days, so we were swimming everyday, and sometimes even twice!  The boys had a wonderful time, digging, swimming, running, laughing, playing, eating and drinking... though that's not to say we didn't have tantrums! 

It was great family time, but now it's over, and we need to get back into the swing of things for another year with Mr IndigoElephant back at work this week and Baby Elephant #1 starting preschool next week.  On the creative front, I'm very excited to be sending off my first wholesale order tomorrow, and eagerly await the arrival of my new eftpos machine later in the week. But more importantly, I'm energised and ready to jump into some new ideas and get sewing!  Though the holiday may be over, I have a feeling we're in for a fun year ahead!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Short Break.

Just wanted to let you know that my online shops are closed for a week so I can spend some quality time with my boys before the beginning of the new school year. Plus I think the sewing machine needed a break too!! See you on the other side.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal.

Image from here
By now everyone would be aware of the devastion caused by the floods in Queensland. In Sydney we've experienced some mild summer days which make it all the more difficult to comprehend images like the one above.  But there are some great ways we can all be involved in supporting those affected as they begin cleaning up...

The Down Under Street Team have a shop on Etsy full of donated goodies, with the total purchase cost (minus Etsy & Paypal fees) being donated to the Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. The shop can be found here.

Also, there are lots of Facebook run auctions to support, a couple of my faves are at Summerblossom and Handmade Kids.  If you're in the Canberra area, you could pop into Shop Handmade as many designers (including IndigoElephant) are contributing 10% of January sales to the Relief Appeal, with the Shop matching the whatever is raised.

Bloggers are also getting on board with some great auctions going on, you can find out about them at Make It Perfect. Corrie at Retromummy is organising Quilts for Queensland. And Danielle, over at Digella Emporium is running Baked Relief to support those tireless workers in the midst of the clean up.

So there is no excuse for feeling that there is nothing we can do to help out. I'm more than happy for you to link to any other groups or activities that are happening in aid of the Relief Appeal in the comments.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Image from here.

I'm stuck in a bit of a productive rut at the moment - maybe not quite as big as the one pictured above - having enjoyed a lovely relaxing break away from the sewing machine. Apart from the orders that are coming through, it's hard to get myself back into it.  As it would happen, ideas for new stock are coming thick and fast, and after sending off a whole box of goodies to Shop Handmade there is distinct lack of stock for upcoming markets. Anyone got any tips for dragging oneself out of a rut?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another Year Begins!

So Christmas has been and gone, along with all the New Year celebrations, and I'm trying to get right back into the swing of things but my head feels like it should still be on holidays!!

Christmas morning!
New Year drinks!
I've been enjoing spending some time reading my Christmas presents, and loving it! They are  available here (with free shipping too!).

Monday, January 3, 2011

December Winner.

Congratulations to Sarah on winning the December store credit for sending in a photo of her gorgeous girl Addalyn wearing her IndigoElephant onesie!  Hope you enjoy spending it!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

This is a very belated post that I meant to write about a week ago but Christmas sort of got in the way!  I really wanted to thank all the lovely IndigoElephant fans for all your support, encouragement and kind words throughout 2010.  It is always appreciated, so thank you.  I also need to thank my wonderful family & friends, Mr IndigoElephant and our mums in particular, without whom I could not do what I love doing.  The constant support, baby sitting and encouragement is invaluable!

And so another year begins... I hope you enjoy welcoming in 2011 with those you love - looking forward to another great handmade year ahead!