Monday, July 18, 2011

School Holiday Fun.

Rivercat watching from Blaxland Riverside Park.
I have so much to share seeing as I've been fairly absent online over the last three weeks - thanks to school holidays!  It's certainly been a cold three weeks but we've tried to stay warm and have fun despite spending the whole middle week battling a nasty cold-y cough-y thing that seemed to get all of us to some degree.  I must admit I had grand plans for getting lots of 'selfish sewing' done, but have struggled with that!  Let's just say that the 'Must Make' list is growing longer and longer - oh, and have you become obsessed with Pinterest yet?  That's a whole other blog post, but I have a visual collection there of things I'd like to try making too!

In my last post, I was going to try making my boys some Urban Hoodies using the pattern from Heidi & Finn.  Want to know how I went??  Well, I have mostly finished making four, two for each of the boys, but they just aren't finished yet  (not that it stopped Baby Elephant #2 from wearing his two days straight, despite at first asking me to give it away to his friend).  Below is a pic of him wearing it out and about - unfinished. My problem is that I hate hemming, and I really need to hem the sleeves, and add buttons to the front.  I will get to it before the end of winter!  Promise!  

The pattern was very easy to understand which made it enjoyable to make, but the sizing is a tad on the small side so the size 3 on my 2.5yo is a bit snug.  He is tall for his age, and while not chunky, isn't skinny either?!  Now that I think about it, I also made a couple of vests for the boys and skirts for me, so I guess I didn't do all that badly on the selfish sewing front.  I seem to struggle with setting myself realistic goals though and there is much more I want to make!  I'll definitely share the others once I take some pics!!