Thursday, February 25, 2010


A huge congratulations to Sarah Cooper for winning the Sweet Harper / IndigoElephant Dribble Bib giveaway! The Cogs and Nuts Dribble Bib will be winging it's way over to you soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The lovely Tracy, over at Sweet Harper, has an IndigoElephant feature and giveaway running right now.  So why don't you head over and check it out... and maybe even win a Dribble Bib of your choice!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Marvellous Monday :: Part II

Just wanted to fill you in on how yesterday was spent... my last post suggested a day of leisure and sloth, but my 'time off' was over before I could blink!  I did get to plan something yummy for dinner, and catch up on some reading, but most of the day was frittered away on grocery shopping, laundry and completing a couple of orders I received over the weekend.

It was amazing to be able to get things done with no interruptions, but I did miss my boys and was very happy to see them at pick up time!  And I do have something yummy planned for tonight's dinner, the kettle is on now for a cup of tea and I might get to squeeze in a new little project, so maybe I can try working some of those relaxing 'me' things into each day?  Maybe.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Marvellous Monday :: Part I

Tomorrow will be my first child-free day  since November 2008, (when I used to work two days a week at a 'real' job)!  Here is how I'm planning on spending the day: 

      Catching up on some reading.    Drinking Verity's delicious tea that I won last week and have yet to try.    Planning something yummy for dinner.    Getting some exercise.    Having a nap.    Starting a new project.    Finishing an old one.    An uninterrupted phone chat with at least one friend.    Baking tasty treats for afternoon tea.    Flicking through the new delicious. mag I received last Friday and still haven't opened!

      I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!!

      Saturday, February 13, 2010

      Going Marine!

      I'd like to introduce you to the newest little addition to our clan - a brand new, never before discovered species - The Scarlet Jet Fish!

      I think all the recent rain here brought this shy fishy out of it's hidey holes!  Wouldn't she look great at your place too, keeping your cookbooks cozy, or watching over the neighbourhood on a window sill, or even keeping an eye on the kids!  

      There are some great undersea accessories available for kids rooms and soft cuddly fishy would add the perfect finishing touch.  I love shopping for the kids and wish I could update their room on a regular basis!!  But, as that's not possible, here are a couple of options I may use if I were to change things up a bit :


      The mobile is custom made to suit the colour scheme of your little one's room, and while wall decals have been around for sometime, I love the re-positionable nature of these from Wee Gallery, as well as their co-ordinated canvas wall art.  Or you could get your paint brushes out and create your own mural on the wall!

      Thursday, February 11, 2010

      Thursday Treasures - Cardboard Creations

      Back...13 yrs ago... when I was in my first year of a degree in Interior Architecture, we were presented with a large sheet of corrugated cardboard and asked to design and construct a chair for someone famous that would hold up under an 80kg (176lb) weight.  Architects had been designing cardboard furniture why couldn't a bunch of budding architects and interior designers also do the same?

      Frank Gehry's Wiggle Side Chair - layer upon layer of compressed corrugated cardboard.
      Image from ArchiThings

      Flash forward those thirteen years, add a serious web browsing addiction and have a look at what I stumbled across the other day...

       Cardboard play kitchen

      Cardboard play washer and dryer
       Images from Fortytworoads

      Fortytworoads have designed these gorgeous household play items that are constructed entirely of cardboard.  Anna will supply you with the instructions to create your own cardboard masterpieces, you'll be helping the environment and not cluttering up your house with brightly coloured plastic!  Oh, and your kids could even draw on this furniture without getting into trouble!  Everyone's a winner!

      Saturday, February 6, 2010

      I Love Reading

      Yes I do, though I don't read as much as I'd like anymore!  I especially love Jane Austen... So many great books, I read them over and over! I can even still remember quotes memorised in high school... my English teacher would be proud!

      I was recently procrastinating browsing and found these delightful treasures:
      Mr Darcy Proposal Dish Towel  - Brookish

       Jane Austen Card Merry - Yardia

      'I Heart Jane Austen' Brooch - Sophie Isobel Designs
      Image from Udessi