Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Marvellous Monday :: Part II

Just wanted to fill you in on how yesterday was spent... my last post suggested a day of leisure and sloth, but my 'time off' was over before I could blink!  I did get to plan something yummy for dinner, and catch up on some reading, but most of the day was frittered away on grocery shopping, laundry and completing a couple of orders I received over the weekend.

It was amazing to be able to get things done with no interruptions, but I did miss my boys and was very happy to see them at pick up time!  And I do have something yummy planned for tonight's dinner, the kettle is on now for a cup of tea and I might get to squeeze in a new little project, so maybe I can try working some of those relaxing 'me' things into each day?  Maybe.


  1. So glad the tea arrived safely, and I hope you enjoy every sip! :)

  2. The days go too quickly! Glad you had a good time hun!


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