Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Marine!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest little addition to our clan - a brand new, never before discovered species - The Scarlet Jet Fish!

I think all the recent rain here brought this shy fishy out of it's hidey holes!  Wouldn't she look great at your place too, keeping your cookbooks cozy, or watching over the neighbourhood on a window sill, or even keeping an eye on the kids!  

There are some great undersea accessories available for kids rooms and soft cuddly fishy would add the perfect finishing touch.  I love shopping for the kids and wish I could update their room on a regular basis!!  But, as that's not possible, here are a couple of options I may use if I were to change things up a bit :


The mobile is custom made to suit the colour scheme of your little one's room, and while wall decals have been around for sometime, I love the re-positionable nature of these from Wee Gallery, as well as their co-ordinated canvas wall art.  Or you could get your paint brushes out and create your own mural on the wall!

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