Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Week That Was...

Another week has slipped past, faster than expected (again).  Things have been super busy at IndigoElephant HQ, as always there's the constant juggle between parenting and working, which will only become trickier once #3 arrives!  I'm hoping to be a bit better organised by then, or at least that's the aim!  If you'd like to see what's been keeping me busy, read on:

Buying new fabric, washing it and watching it dry!  Can't wait to cut into some of this lot today.  I'm particularly loving the second from the right (above), it's called Ice Cream from Riley Blake's Fly A Kite range, the colours are just gorgeous!

Also arriving during the week was something for me... Lotta Jansdotter's Standing Stones in yellow.  I'm planning on using it to myself a Make It Perfect Versatile Wrap Skirt to get me through this pregnancy.  It'll look great with boots through Winter and sandals during Summer, as long as I don't hate it by then!

Of course most of the week has been spent working on Face Washer sets and Burp Cloths... pinning, sewing, trimming, turning, ironing, top stitching and packaging in the lead up to Handmade Canberra on March 10.  You'll find us there on the Saturday only, as I can't manage a two day event at the moment.  If you do come along, please stop and say hi, it's always wonderful to meet you guys in person!!

The coming week will probably look much the same, with lots of cutting, pinning and sewing squeezed in amongst the regular Mummy-type things that fill my week.  Hope you all have a fantastic week too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you do Valentines?

Social media is buzzing with good wishes, gift ideas and crafty activites for Valentines Day.  But we've never celebrated the occasion, even back in our dating days.  Each to their own though, I have lots of friends who do celebrate the day, and I don't want to take anything away from them!

Each year, in the lead up to V Day, Mr IndigoElephant reminds me that he hasn't gotten me anything, to which I reply that I haven't gotten him anything either! Almost as though we need to have the conversation, in case our expectations for the day might have changed from what we've done for the last thirteen-ish years.  If  I was doing something to mark the day, I'd want to make some of these...

The Smitten Kitchen White and Dark Hearted Brownies have been on my "to try" list for ages. Aren't they cute!! I will get around to making them someday... just not today as the sewing machine is calling me.  

I feel incredibly blessed to have a husband who demonstrates his love for his family every single day, in numerous ways.  Particularly over the last eight weeks, while I've been unbelievably nauseous and ill, he has taken on the full load of caring for us, doing all the meal planning & cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning (including when I couldn't make it to the bathroom before a vomit), all things related to the boys from bottom wiping, to entertaining, to baths & bedtime stories - literally everything. He's a treasure, and I'm so grateful he's my Mister!

We Baked.

Sydney weather has been more than a little damp lately, read rain or storms - every. single. day.   Our garden and nearby parks are a soggy mess, the boys are fast developing cabin fever and there is only so much TV we can handle!  So yesterday we baked some of Emma's delicious jam drops. Such an easy recipe and the kids love them!

I don't think these will last too long!  My boys aren't overly into crafty activities, so I'm being tested in my ability to keep them occupied during this long wet spell.  And with more rain forecast over the next few weeks, I'm fast running out of ideas.  Any tips you have will be more than welcome!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Something New.

Two things I'm frequently being asked for are items that are more unisex, and things that are a bit more Australian, to send to friends or rellies overseas.  While I make it a point to stay away from fabrics emblazoned with koalas, kangaroos and boomerangs, because they're just not my style, I was over the moon when I recently came across some fabric printed with May Gibbs' Gumnut Babies.  And they've been made up into some bibs, both Dribble and Feeding size.

What do you think?  Just wrap them up with a copy of one of the books and you're all set for a practical and stylish gift!  Now if I could just hold off keeping one of everything for our baby I might actually get some work done!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some Exciting News!

Things have been extremely quiet at IndigoElephant HQ lately and our online presence has been almost non-existent... but with very good reason!  We're expecting our third little bubba later this year (YAY!) and I have been struggling with morning-noon-night sickness and so very tired.  

Image from here {unable to locate original}
While I'm  not sure what this year will look like for IndigoElephant, I'm fairly certain things will be much slower than usual.  You can still find stock over at Shop Handmade, Canberra and in.cube8r, Mosman, as well as online via Etsy and madeit.  Or follow along on facebook to keep up with market dates and special offers.  If there is something specific that you're after, you can always drop me a line at TheIndigoElephant [at] gmail [dot] com... I'm still loving working on special orders for our lovely customers!