Wednesday, June 12, 2013

KCW Day 4 :: Apple Picking.

Day Four was all about the Ice Cream Blouse by Oliver + s.  Another easy to understand pattern with great results... Though I did struggle with one part! 

Those of you who've made an Ice Cream Dress will know the bit I mean, it's right at the end where you're trying to attach the back yoke to the bodice and it all gets a bit tricky. It didn't matter how many tips on blogs or forums I read, it just wouldn't work. So in the end I did it as best I could and then hand finished around the join to neaten it all up

Don't you think the French seams are beautiful! Love how neat and tidy they look!! Just need to work out what to pair this with, maybe we need some new pants?  I think the fabric selection was subconciously influenced by our recent apple picking adventure, we brought home kilos of apples and loved eating them!

Fabric: Sandi Henderson for Michael Miller Farmers Market Apple Dot.
Pattern: Ice Cream Blouse - Oliver + S, size 6-12mth.


  1. Beautiful!
    Though what actually was the issue at the back? I think I have this pattern somewhere. I might just have to open it up and try it out!

    1. Thanks Emma! My issue was when I tried joining the back yoke to the bodice, around the closure, it just wouldn't sit neatly. Good luck with your version!


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