Thursday, May 30, 2013

Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp.


Above is what I started with and below is my entry into the Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp. And as the saying goes, there's nothing like the last minute for getting things done... or something like that, and I'm still hoping I get it submitted in time!  The post might be a bit of a photo overload so apologies in advance.

I received my Trimmings ages ago and had an idea for what to make with them but the fear of messing it all up kept me from starting it till quite recently.  In fact, quite a few times through the process I was tempted to bin the whole thing, but persevered to get it done.  Of course as soon as I decided to push on, everything seemed to conspire against me finishing! And despite some sleepless nights with a sick bubba it was completed stopped being worked on so I could submit - reminds of uni in so many ways!!

From the beginning my ideas revolved around making a collage with something related to our family and some text. From that starting point it developed to what you see here. Everything is stitched by machine or hand onto a linen base cloth, though in hindsight I should have used something a little thicker and perhaps darker than this.  The people represent us, though we don't quite look like that exactly!

The text is classic Beatles, and something to hold onto through life.  I also loved finding a way to squeeze in a whole elephant into the type, you all know how much I love me some elephants!

The fabric is stretched over an 16" x 12" canvas, and it may one day make it's way to one of our walls. I'm more than a little tempted to cut it up to improve the layout, but haven't decided yet. Now it's finished I can think of so many alternative ways to have done this, different compositions, different text, maybe even a different pack of Trimmings... perhaps next year!


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