Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kitchen Time!

I have a little boy who loves helping out in the kitchen, be it stirring, whisking, peeling a carrot or just standing on a chair and watching what we're doing.  This interest in all things kitchen is definitely to be encouraged, especially in the aim of raising a boy who is confident and able to prepare his own meals one day.  So I've been re-visiting an idea from last year, to develop a range of kids aprons and kitchen accessories, though it's all still in very early stages, I thought I'd share a little sneak peek of things to come!

His first apron, made last year, gets regular use!

One of the new aprons, which he seems to think is also his!

Our most recent adventure was baking some Anzac biscuits, recipe from here, which were devoured before I remembered to get the camera out.  Apart from wearing an apron, and helping with measuring out ingredients & stirring, his favourite part was licking the spatula!  Now if I could just get him to help with cleaning the kitchen...


  1. Great idea getting your kids involved in cooking Sash! And all the best for your new range of kids' aprons. Will you be making chef's hats too?!

  2. Awesome! My kidlets love baking and I reckon that owning their own aprons would help a lot. Great idea!

  3. Good idea - teach kids to be confident in the kitchen.


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