Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Woodland Range

These are some new items, now available in the shop.  They were originally made for the market I did, about a month ago, this range completely sold out on the day, and I've only just re-made some to photograph for the shop!  They were very popular with those who were looking for gender neutral gifts for baby showers etc.

 Woodland Owls Feeding Bib

 Woodland Stripe Clip

 Woodland Feeding Bib

 Woodland Floral Clip

The bibs are also available in the Dribble Bib size, just drop me a note if you're after one as they are yet to be listed!  The clips are not only great for keeping bub's pacifier/dummy/soother attached to them and off the floor, but also for that favourite toy that cannot be lost!


  1. OMGosh, as always I LOVE your fabric choices! Harper had leggings from the GAP that were in the same pattern as your Woodland Feeding Bib-seriously! That's too funny! Hope you're having a great week,

  2. I love that material! No wonder they sold out so fast.

  3. I love this fabric range too & have used it to make a range of cushion, they keep selling out for me too.
    X K


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