Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Great Stash Expansion!

My mum returned from a holiday in Japan yesterday... with a massive stash of fabric for me!!  Now I just need to work out what to make with my loot!  Oh, the endless possibilities...  Please, please let me know if you can suggest any good, easy patterns.  So far I'm thinking of some summer shorts for the boys using this pattern, and maybe a skirt for me with this one but will obviously need more ideas for the rest. 


  1. So jealous!! Have fun with the possibilities

  2. OMG, so much fabric! Thats so awesome.

    Im sure u'll find lots of things to make with it.

  3. oh boy, there are some great fabrics there! I'm sure your mind is buzzing with possibilities. I saw a great Amy Butler dress pattern a few days ago, (on her website), sort of like a tunic dress that you could wear over jeans. Very cool.

    And I really like that wrap skirt. Have fun :)


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