Friday, May 28, 2010

Busy Busy Bee!

That's right, it's been another busy week here at IndigoElephant HQ, with sewing up orders and preparing for the next market... Or I thought I was preparing for a market, but found out today that it's cancelled.  Fortunately I emailed to check some details! 

As always I seem to be at my most creative when I'm flat out trying to get other things done??  There are so many new ideas popping up at the moment and simply not enough time to try them allActually, the lovely Kim from Kaboodle, suggested sending myself an email of the new ideas, to be filed away and re-visited as time allows. A pretty good solution, and now I have some time to do a few of those things on the "to try" list.  And I can finish things Kids In The Kitchen, that I've been fine tuning for ages!

I was planning on launching a few things at the market, but will do it here instead!  The first: sets of face washers  (or wash cloths) - designed to co-ordinate with bibs -  and will also tie in with Dummy clips... I like things to co-ordinate, just ask my boys! 

Styled to co-ordinate with the colours in the Michael Miller Groovy Guitars fabric, these also tie-in with the Rockin'Guitar Feeding Bib.

This set matches the Woodland series - with options for Feeding Bibs & Dummy Clips.

Just an idea for packaging, for markets as this won't work for keeping postage costs down!

What do you think? Would you use these on your bub... or yourself?  Would you give them as a gift?  Your feedback is valued!  Oh, and these will also be available at Madeit for local buyers who are battling the fluctuating Aussie dollar!

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