Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toasty Toes.

Recently it became glaringly obvious to me that  Baby Elephant #2, who is nearly 18 months old, hates wearing socks or shoes.  I know this is because he has been a bottom shuffler from way back, so when most other kids his age were crawling, then walking & running, he was scooting around on his bottom.  He has always hated tummy time, so it was very natural for him to not want to crawl, or walk.  And with the advice of those in the know, recommending shoes only for those already walking, he has been shoeless for quite some time.  But we're heading into winter, the autumn chill has descended and our timber and tiled floors are very cold, so I've started experimenting with some baby booties/slippers to keep his tootsies toasty on chilly days.

This set has been made with navy pinwale cord and stripey flannelette.

These are adorable little shoes, they keep his feet warm, and he can't get them off too easily... oh, he also seems to like wearing them!  I was thinking of adding them to the shop, but am still developing the pattern.  I want to make them reversible, adding a loop to help with pulling them on, and generally simplifying it all.  The trickiest bit is sewing all the layers together, evenly, with no puckers, and a neat seam all round. So I'm reconsidering adding them to the shop, not sure yet, still trying to decide if I can make them neat enough...

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  1. oh they are so cute!!! wish i had a baby to dress up in sweet things!!


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