Friday, May 21, 2010

Highs and Lows.

This last week has been a little bit crazy for us!  And the craziness has been both good and bad... The low points of the week would have to include us being sick with gross colds, the onset of cold and gloomy weather, and the realisation that I won't be selling kids pyjamas.  You might remember, I was really excited when I made Atticus his first pair of pyjamas? Mainly because I perceived a gap in the market for adorable sleepwear, especially for boys, that wasn't emblazoned with skulls, crossbones, pirate flags or licenced characters.  So I started fine tuning and doing a bit more research into it... which was when the penny dropped that flannelette is a highly flammable material.  And that Australia and New Zealand have the strictest standards for kids sleepwear, and as I won't be paying mega bucks to have my products tested this idea will have to be shelved for the moment. Definitely a low point.

The high point of this week was receiving my winnings from the Li'l Magoolie and I Just Love That Fabric giveaway!  Opening this package up brought a big smile to my face!

How gorgeous are Sprout Design fabrics, cant wait to make something for the boys with these!!

I was also able to finish up the first round of samples for the Kids In The Kitchen items. A bit more refining to be done but here is a sneak peek!  Don't know if the little chef's hat will be very popular but it's so cute!


  1. thats a bugger about the pj pants!! Maybe you could plan for warmer weather and have some cotton ones? Hope your all feeling better soon ( everyone at my house is suffering from the colds aswell)

  2. It really is a lousy cold going around . I love the chefs hat !


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