Friday, March 26, 2010

A Happy Coincidence.

Just before summer ended, we had a cold snap here.  It was a taste of autumn with crisp, cool mornings, mild days and chilly nights... unfortunately it didn't last long and summer has been back with a vengeance.  Anyway, back when it was cool, I started looking around for some winter pyjamas for my boys.  I was after something fairly simple... flannelette, single coloured, or checked, or striped...   Do you think I could find anything out there to fit my requirements?  Absolutely not!

Around the same time, I kept coming across a particular book.  On crafty blogs and on recommended reading lists, with links to it from Very Attractive Things others had made.  I seemed to stumble across it everywhere, and I was so close to putting in an order on Book Depositry asking for it for Mothers Day!  But on one crazy visit to the library  -  Atticus is attracted to the automatic doors and keeps trying to slip out to the street while one is searching out some decent reading material -  there it was, on a stand facing out and asking to be borrowed!  Weekend Sewing, by Heather Ross,  with some wonderful projects and both pattern sheets still in the sleeve!  It even has a pattern for simple, wide legged pyjama pants, sized from kids small to adults large!

Of course I was busy for a few weeks with my market preparation, but on Monday night, I decided to give them a go.  I'd never realised making an item of practical clothing could be so simple!!  And, Spotlight happened to have a decent range of flannelette in stock!!!

The pyjama files!

I was quite happy with my efforts, though my applique skills need fine tuning!  Now I'm determined to make some for the rest of us, in fact, there's a gorgeous cloud-filled-sky fabric I've been eyeing off for myself...


  1. They look fantastic! What a great find. I haven't been to my local library for a while..I might have to go visit!

  2. Very nice Sash! Your boys look great in their new PJs!!! I wish my library had such great craft books to borrow. Maybe I should take the kids again this holidays...although I have small children in library phobia like you do, LOL.

  3. Lovely Sash! Serendipitous even! (love that word). Little Jemima just got her first pair of grown up PJ's (not a onesie) and she was so chuffed, although I like you struggled to find what I really wanted. Your boys look adorable in their warm PJs!


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