Friday, March 5, 2010

Too Busy To Blog!

I have been so slack with writing lately...but with a very good reason! IndigoElephant is heading to market.  Allie's Attic in Cronulla on the 20th of March, to be precise, more details are available on the website... But what that means is all my *work* time has been spent sourcing, washing, cutting, sewing... you get the picture! I'm hoping it'll go well, but also really looking forward to meeting buyers in person and interacting face to face!

So far today, I've managed to cut out 8 bibs...that's it!  But my mum came over this morning for a bit, and because I was having a very productive (housework) morning I had a cake in the oven before she arrived... It was a recipe for French Style Yoghurt Cake with lemon from one of my favourite food blogs, Orangette. I'd been meaning to try it for years and finally got around to it today, but due to still green lemons on our tree, I made the almond version with raspberries through it. It's kinda like a giant friand, but less eggy and more cakey... you'll just have to try it yourself!

 Image from Orangette

I really love food blogs, and I love having updates sent straight to my inbox, it's like a paperless magazine subscription... but free!! Apart from Orangette, I also love Smitten Kitchen, Exclusively Food, Bakerella and Tartelette.  While I don't get to make most of the recipes I read, the photography is a feast for the eyes!  I also love that Exclusively Food is an Australian site so I don't have to convert oven temps and tin sizes, in fact, everything I have made from there has turned out perfectly.  Where do you get your favourite recipes from?


  1. Yum looks gorgeous! I get most my favourite recipes from a website: Best Recipes. I have made many favourites from there, and it gives reviews from other members so it is very helpful in deciding on a recipe.

    LOVE your bibs. Gorgeous

  2. Thanks Justine! I'll have to lok into Best recipes soon!!


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