Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gifting Handmade.

I've recently had the very good fortune of being involved in a couple of surprise gift/mail exchanges, and have also been to a few - more than usual - baby showers and kitchen teas!  So in the spirit of handmade, have been making a few things for the various gift recipients in my life... Unfortunately I haven't been photographing everything so can't show you much!

However, the lovely Deb, who was my DUST craft swap partner, was much better organised and not only documented what she sent, but also what she received!  If you'd like a sticky beak, just head over to her blog Two Cheeky MonkeysNeedless to say, I love the gifts I received!!

I have been on a bit of an apron making frenzy lately! In addition to the one I sent Deb, I decided to make one for my soon to be cousin-in-law's kitchen tea gift, which also doubled as gift wrap for the utensils she received...  while I was at it, made one for myself {purely because her invitation stated the dress code as dometic goddess prepared for work!!!}.  These aprons were photographed...

And then there are the babies!  I seem to be surrounded by pregnant friends and newborn bubbas, which is fantastic for inspiration!  Though I'm again lacking in photographic evidence!  One thing I did capture was a new owl toy, made for an ex-colleague Summer, who had a little boy in early March.  This owl is so cute I had to replicate it for the shop...

With many more babies on the way, I think I need to get moving on expanding my collection of quirky critters and cuddly creations!!

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  1. I think you would do well making some mother/daughter or mother/son apron sets (or even ones for dads and their kids)!

    And yes, definitely make more softie creatures!!!


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