Saturday, March 20, 2010

Preparing for Markets.

Edited: Due to the busyness of the last week this post was missing pictures until today! 

I had no idea how much effort goes into getting oneself ready to sell at market, and now have a whole new respect for those who do this all the time!  This week has been an endless cycle of cutting, sewing and ironing, working out how to display items, ordering, cutting, gluing, painting, sewing, cutting, you get the picture!  I really don't know whether I'll make everything that I want to take...   I'd love to be working on my display this time next week, so Friday can be spent tweaking!!  Below is sneak peek at work in progress, and you can see it in person (and finished) if you visit Allie's Attic on Saturday, 20th March at Cronulla Leagues Club! 

 Elephants, waiting for eyes, ears, tails and stuffing!

 Pacifier clips, ready for snaps and cards ready for hair accessories.

 Bibs, bibs, bibs... all set for binding and snaps!

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