Friday, March 1, 2013


I never meant to be gone so long, but life has a way of moving on and time gets away... Not that things haven't been busy. With three kids, one husband, a business, a home and everything that these things bring with them, posting here has been pushed to the back burner for too long!

Since I was last here our baby girl has been doing some growing...

From this...
Photo: Waiting for my bros...
to this!
Also our eldest has started school, and let me say that I might have found it a little hard to adjust to our new routine! The lunches, the getting-everyone-ready-to-walk-out-the-door-by-a-certain-time five days a week, the laundry, the staying on top of all the notes sent home, the remembering which days are library/sport/news/early finishes etc. If any of you more experienced school mums/dads have any tips to offer they will be gratefully received!

Photo: We were walking home from school and I turned around to see why the boys weren't keeping up... They were walking like this! #missedmybro
We walk to and from school most days, one day the boys were lagging behind, on turning around to hurry them up, I realised they were walking like this, chatting about their days. Here's hoping they stay this close forever!
Add to those major events, a market, a couple of our birthdays, Christmas, Summer holidays and that just about sums up what's been happening for the last six months. I have come to realise some things over these last few months:
  • That doing markets will be near impossible for the next little while.
  • That time is seriously fleeting and these days with my little ones are so very precious.
  • That creativity is needed to retain my sanity
  • That I struggle to find a balance between the last two points!
So I hope you'll stick around and see how this coming year pans out along with us!


  1. Yes, yes, to all your points- although I've never managed to even get to a craft market, let alone sell stuff at one! Starting school is a big deal for the whole family. I'm no expert at being organized, but 2 things I found helpful is a chart on the wall with what day is what and I try to return notes and money as soon as I get them so I don't forget.!

    1. Thanks Bek! Your point about dealing with notes straight away is invaluable, as is keeping ahead of what's coming on the calender. Hope you're having a great start to this year :)


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