Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pretty Geranium.

I have officially jumped on the Geranium Dress bandwagon! This pattern is so well written that the making of this dress was definitely a pleasure. Doesn't our baby look adorable in it too? Love little girls in pretty dresses!!

My only issue with it, is nothing to do with the pattern, more my own impatience in not waiting till our bub woke to measure her. I figured that being almost seven months old at the time of making that the 6-12 month size would surely fit. I didn't take into account the fact that our bubba is a chubba, and on buttoning it up, realised that it's  a teeny bit tight.  So I tried pulling it apart to remake the bodice with smaller seams, but think I'll just remake it now and attach a bigger bodice to the current skirt... *sigh*... Better get onto that soon so she can get at least a little more wear from it!

Those faux cap sleeves are adorable and it'll be hard to try the sleeveless version when these are so cute! The options chosen for this dress were the cap sleeves and the pleated skirt, I think it could've done with some black piping or a sash between the bodice and skirt for a littler definition, but that's only if I'm being really picky about it. Can't wait to make the next one...

The Details:
Dress Pattern: The Geranium Dress
Main Fabric: Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Owls in Multi
Lining Fabric: Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Squiggle in Green

Nappy Cover: The Perfect Diaper Cover (though I did add an extra inch to the top of the pattern so it fit for a bit longer!) 
Fabric:  Ed Emberley Happy Drawing Squiggle in Green

The quilt was made by my mumma as a house warming gift when we bought our house - she's a clever lady my mum!

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