Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blanket Season!

The weather here is beautiful at the moment... When it's not raining anyway! Crisp autumn mornings and evenings, and clear blue sky days! We had crazy rain last week though, and our walk to school involved umbrellas, rain coats, pram covers and gum boots! We usually take a walkway that crosses a very small creek, but when it's been raining it looks like the pic below. We are very grateful for the bridge on rainy days!!

Along with the cooler weather comes a jump in the popularity of our Pram Blankets and this week saw me making and sending a stack of blankets down to Canberra's Shop Handmade. The package included some of my favourite boy style fabrics, which are always hard to cut into! The lions & tigers, giraffes and dragons are the most beautifully soft organic cottons by Cloud 9 fabrics, the prints are by Ed Emberley, these won't last long!

I've also jumped on the Geranium Dress bandwagon and made Miss J one using the cute fabric below.  It's another Ed Emberley that I'd been saving for her and I'm hoping it'll look as great worn as it does in my head, photos will come once I've sewn on the buttons!! I need to add that the pattern is really well written and I'd recommend it to everyone!

Now I'm off to the sewing machine, though fairly sure that Miss J will wake from her sleep about a minute after I turn it on!

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