Monday, March 18, 2013

Lessons in Measuring.

Have you heard the old saying 'measure twice, cut once'?  I have... lots... particularly when I was at uni and making models for various projects, usually late into the night, the night before it was due, and incorrectly cut up the last piece of foam core / card / balsa whatever the material was that we were supposed to be using.  And one would think that after my very recent experience with the slightly tight Geranium Dress I would've thought to measure my child before going to the trouble of making them something.  But no, I decided to finally try my first Oliver + S make after hoarding a few patterns for a couple of years. I made the Oliver + S Sailboat Top and assumed the size 5 would fit the 4 year old. 

Not sure what the sad face is about!

Yes I know he's tall for his age, and has been all his life, but surely the 5 would fit!! Ha, wrong again!  Thankfully, it was the sleeve length that was too short and I didn't hem the sleeves before trying it on him, though I was sorely tempted to finish it while he was sleeping! Anyway, the sleeves were easily fixed with a cuff, and I am now an Oliver + S groupie/fan girl/whatever you want to call it! Not sure what he's doing with his hands below but you get a pic of the added band on the sleeves.

The buttons may be changed as it has been suggested that they are a tad feminine, and I've had too many experiences of random strangers asking if my son is a girl so really want to discourage that... He does not look like a girl in my opinion! He loves the shirt so half the battle is won!!  The print is hand stamped using Yellow Owl Workshop stamps brought over from San Francisco by besties who live there. Love these stamps so so much and will definitely have to get more one day.

So I have a new resolution. To measure my kids, and record their measurements on these cards available from Oliver + S so I stop making the same mistakes over and over again!!  And then I'll be able to get into sewing from all the delicious Oliver + S patterns I've been hoarding for the last couple of years!

image from here

Pattern: Oliver + S Sailboat Top (in size 5 with added sleeve cuff)
Fabric: Cotton Jersey 
Print: Yellow Owl Workshop Sea Stamp Set

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