Tuesday, September 4, 2012

To Market...again!

On Saturday we made a long awaited return to the market scene with our attendance at the Dreamers Markets in Parramatta.  It was a lovely way to ease back into the swing of things as there was minimal travel involved and baby Jemima was a dream, sleeping all day and waking just the once for a feed, plus all the lovely shoppers and stallholders {Life's a Stitch, ApplecartCo, Naks Candles, The Twin Thing and Sweetness the Patisserie - just to name a few}  who all made the day so enjoyable!

A huge thanks to everyone who visited the market and came by to say hello, it's always lovely meeting the shoppers and hearing your feedback on the products. Yes my tablecloths need a good iron...but after Saturday they need to be washed too! I'm currently looking into other markets I may be able to attend in the Sydney area and will keep you posted if I do any in the near future! 

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