Thursday, April 18, 2013

School Holidays & Sewing.

We are in the middle of school holidays here, and it's wonderful to have a break from getting out the door each day, washing and ironing uniforms and making lunches. Not loving so much the occasional arguments between the kids, but I guess you take the good with the bad!

This week has also seen me sewing a couple of things for myself! Photos to come at another time, but I was the fortunate winner of a giveaway being run by Toni Coward at Make It Perfect, and I made myself a Waterfall Blouse. I already owned the pattern but having it all right there spurred me on to finish the top I'd cut out!

My prize... image from here

Next week, apart from being the second week of school holidays, is also Kids Clothes Week. Formerly known as Kids Clothes Week Challenge, the aim is for participants to spend an hour each day sewing for their kids. The KCW site has heaps more info about it, I love the motivation that comes from knowing that literally hundreds of other sewists around the world are also spending part of their day sewing, as well as seeing all the photos of finished items.

I'm already cutting up fabric ready to spend next week sewing. As always the list of what I'd like to get done is probably longer than what time will permit, though I'm looking forward to a break from IndigoElephant sewing to focus on things for our kids. Now I just have to get the balance right, or those who can count won't be happy if one gets more than the other!!

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