Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Gifts.

Our boys are blessed to have super lovely preschool teachers and Easter is a chance for the boys to show their teachers a little bit of appreciation in the form of some edible yumminess. However, I'm aware that the teachers are bombarded with a mountain of chocolate at Easter so we kept it relatively simple this year by making these...

I'd seen something similar out in blogland, but didn't pin it because they were made into glass jars, and I wanted something more little-boy-friendly!  So I can't remember exactly where the idea is from, suffice to say it's not my own!

So what we used were some cello bags I had leftover from an old packaging idea (though you could easily use squares of clear cello), with some shredded green paper from the $2 Shop, some decent quality chocolate eggs and a fluffy chick for each bag.  They were sealed shut, a length of ribbon tied around the top and a small gift tag added to identify which gift was for which teacher...or maybe more because the boys were adamant I not mix up the bags they'd each made!! This also proved to be a good counting exercise for Mr 3 who likes to jump from nine to twelve, skipping ten and eleven along the way!  Oh, and the tags were a fortunate find on Pinterest... you can download your own here - just don't send all twenty-six pages to print (unless you want to of course)!!

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