Sunday, March 11, 2012

Market Wrap Up.

So yesterday was our day at Handmade Canberra, and as always it was lovely to meet and chat with some of the nicest shoppers I've come across at markets.  It's always a pleasure to welcome back the regulars too and to hear feedback on how much they love what they've previously purchased!!  Seriously, Canberrans have a wonderful appreciation for handmade products and are always interested in the inspiration and processes behind the various products.  The day was a bit quieter than we've previously experienced down there, but it turns out that it's a long weekend for the ACT and lots of residents seemed to have headed out of town!  On the upside though, it did allow me a chance to get to know some of the stallholders around us and to catch up with old market buddies.
If you look really closely, you'll see our stand in the middle of the pic!
Mr IndigoElephant even bumped into his cousin's husband (one of the blokiest blokes I know and not one you'd expect to see at Handmade, though he did state that he'd reached his arty crafty quota for the year!) and daughter out for a bit of shopping.  They had a great time catching up, which just happened to be photographed in the picture above!  

The Face Washers were popular too!
It was great catching up with super talented designer and photographer Ros from Grace Designs who has captured some wonderful images from the market, including all the ones in this post.  The rest can be viewed over here, looking through all these makes me wish I had more time to spend shopping at the market, but Mr IndigoElephant is onto me and conveniently disappears for long periods.  No he's not shopping, just exploring Canberra!!  I'm glad I was able to add to my Six In A Row collection before the market started and while the Mister was getting coffee, because that's all the shopping I managed to fit in! 

Tie Tees are always in demand!
We sold stacks of Tie Tees and Bunny Tees, so I have quite a few custom orders to get made up this week of sizes that sold out during the day.  And I need to get more Pram Blankets made, thanks to their popularity on the day and restocking supplies at Shop Handmade... Actually I need to get a lot of things made this week to fill orders that have come in recently! Better get making!

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  1. I was trying to get there all weekend, but it just didn't happen.

    It also didn't help that it was not a public service pay day. In Canberra, that's a big deal. Many people, me included, live pay to pay, so if it isn't pay week, I just cant afford to go by end of of off week.


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