Monday, April 23, 2012

To Cover...Or Not?

Earlier today on facebook I asked our wonderful likers what their thoughts were on nursing/feeding covers before I went to the trouble of making one for feeding our soon-to-be-here baby... And I must admit that their replies have me more confused than before I asked the question!  While everyone has totally valid reasons for loving or hating them I think it might be something that might be very useful for us once this baby arrives.

See with baby #1 I could sit at leisure in parents rooms while out and about and take my own sweet time with feeding him and cover up as needed with a muslin wrap.  When #2 came along #1 was small enough to leave strapped securely in the pram, supplied with snacks, while I took the time I needed in a parents room to feed #2. But I worry that with #3, the boys, who will be 5 and 3.5, won't play quietly in parents rooms and I'll be that annoying mum whose kids crazy shenanigans are distracting the other babies from feeding properly.  Plus I have vivid (and painful) memories of #2 craning his head to see what #1 was up to during what was supposed to be feeding time, so I figured some kind of barrier might help the little one concentrate.

Nursing Cover from BabyWilde on etsy
I love the style of the one pictured above, with boning in the top so it doesn't sit completely draped over the baby's face and you can still see bub and whatever else is going on while feeding.  I also love that they have an adjustable strap so it sits around your neck and you have both hands free for bub!  There are stacks of tutorials online so I figured I'd give one a go and if it didn't suit us then I could always give it to someone else having a baby... Now if I could just pick a fabric...

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