Monday, December 13, 2010

A Mixed Bag!

I had a bit of a disappointing market experience on Sunday, while taking part in the first Sydney Boutique Market  The organisation was great, there were stacks of shoppers there for the day but unfortunately they weren't buying a great deal of kids products.  After the fantastic day at Handmade Market the week before, it was a bit sad, but I guess these things happen and we just need to move on!

Image from Hide & Seek by Maddison Scarlett Photography

The silver lining is that I can start on my Christmas projects this week instead of waiting until after Hide and Seek market next weekend.  I have so much fabric stashed away for projects I've planned but never get around to that I'll still be busy sewing this week and next!  I also need to do a huge clear out of my sewing room, so at the upcoming Hide & Seek will be offering some big reductions on a limited range of items - because I don't want to store them over the summer!  If you're around Sydney and need to pick up some last minute gifts, or need  some additions to the present box/cupboard, come past and check it out at Wrights Rd Community Centre, Kellyville from 10am - 2pm.

I have so many fun Christmas-y things planned for this week, that it's sure to throw me into a more festive mood than I've had for the last couple of weeks with market preparations.  Today we took the kids into the city to see Santa, not sure which they enjoyed  more, their first bus ride or seeing Santa, but they definitely had a great time!  Now I must get organised for our playgroup Christmas party tomorrow!

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