Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Preparations...

How is your Christmas prep going?  Mine is a little slow this year, but after {today} posting off the last pre-Christmas order, I'm glad to say that a few things have been ticked off the list.  There is still plenty more to do, but definitely more progress than this time last week!  If you read this post you'll be aware of a few things I had planned, so far I've made and gifted the rocky road, made the stars for the garland, made the fruit mince and the kids have done the wrapping paper and all the present shopping is completed - though I am a teeny bit worried that a few presents ordered online might not make it before Christmas... But, on to wrap the presents I do have piling up, make the boys some pyjamas, make the fruit mince pies etc etc etc!! Hope you're enjoying the season's frivolity, and are a bit better organised than me!!

PS I'm loving using TeuxDeux to keep track of my tasks in a pretty format with great functionality!

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  1. You don't sound that disorganised to me! Sounds like you are doing just fine. I wont get all my making for the kids done (was going to make the girls a dress each), but really they have enough stuff!

    I am going to make that garland too- but not in time for Christmas! I think it would look nice just hanging about. Where did you get the clay? Do they have it in Spotlight?


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