Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Crayon Wallets!

Though I'm madly preparing for market madness over the next few weeks, I thought I should share some of the fruit of my efforts... These are some of the new Crayon Wallets, currently only available at markets or through Shop Handmade in Canberra.  I've been wanting to list these online but am struggling to find enough hours in the day to sew up stock, let alone photograph products, edit and list them.  So, until I find those elusive extra hours in the day, you can pick one up at a market or email me if you can't get to a market and I'll make a special listing for you!!  

The Crayon Wallets are fantastic for keeping little fingers busy and creative juices flowing while waiting for meals at restaurants, in doctors' surgeries, while a sibling plays sport/has a lesson... or to keep them occupied while mummy (or daddy!) writes a blog post 'works' on the computer. They retail for $25 (postage extra) and come with an A6 blank notepad and eight Crayola crayons. Inside the wallet there are slots for the crayons, a pocket for the notepad and another pocket for completed masterpieces, they fold into thirds and close with an elastic over a button.  I already have a mental list of which ones are destined for some of our friends having birthdays over the next few weeks!  Oh, and FYI, A6 is a quarter of an A4 sheet!


  1. Great crayon wallets, love the colours and designs! ;)

  2. Hi Sash. I've just shown these off to G and he agrees that they're beautiful! Just letting you know that if, in future, you make a slightly larger version for pencils you already have an order (Issey is crazy about this kind of thing : )


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