Wednesday, November 3, 2010

For The Love Of Handmade :: Jewellery & Accessories

Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? I'm usually almost finished by this time of year, but not this year.  With markets galore to prepare for I'm a tad snowed under and struggling to get through my list of people to buy for.  Thank goodness for online shopping though,  and the ease of buying from home, as each week it gets more difficult to drag my boys through shops without caving to the requests for milkshakes, donuts, lollipops etc just to keep them quiet!!  At this rate I'm worried they'll end up obese by the New Year...  So I've been doing a bit of browsing and want to share some special finds from madeit.  This week it's all about jewellery & accessories - the perfect finishing touches for your Christmas functions!

Click on the pictures to be taken to each store...

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