Friday, June 4, 2010

Gift Sets.

Apples and Pears on Blue - Bib and Burp Gift Set

These lovely gifts sets are now available at the Etsy and madeit shops.  They make a wonderful gift for soon-to-be or new parents, and are gorgeous and functional.  The Dribble Bib will make keeping baby dry much easier, and the Burp Cloths or Face Washers are there to mop up the messes!

 Starling Bib and Washer Gift Set
Don't forget that the bibs also come in the larger Feeding Bib size, and Dummy Clips can be made to match as well.  Just contact me for a custom set!
 Apples and Pears on White - Bib and Burp Gift Set

The gift sets provide a hassle free option for gift giving, and there have been many requests for the complimentary gift wrapping and inclusion of a card to the recipients - they make sending someone a gift as easy as can be, from the comfort of your home or office!


  1. love the colour combos, I almost wish my little one was still at the dribble stage, almost lol :)


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