Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Creative Week.

I was reflecting last night about the way things work out sometimes -  life hands you lemons so you make tangy lemon squares - that sort of thing...  See just over a week ago I was really bummed about the cancellation of the market I was supposed to do yesterday. Mainly because I'd been working around the clock to sew stock for it, had ordered in various supplies, and was sick and looking after little sickies for two weeks. Anyway, looking back over the week, it worked out well as I've managed to cross off a few little projects around here.  And no I don't mean that the weeding has been done, or the mountain of laundry is any smaller... just these little projects:

My two little super heroes!

Baby Elephant #1 is really getting into dress-ups at the moment, and for ages I've been wanting to make the boys some capes.  So on Friday night, with the deadline of a little friend's dress up party the next day, I found this tutorial and whipped up these capes.  He loves it and I love watching him race around the house as a superhero!

It had to be red of course!

I also wanted to try making a tutu for the birthday girl, so having seen lots of tutorials around, and with some advice from Kim, the tulle was bought (with kids in tow) and tutu made in just over an hour!  It was so much fun making something really girly after three years of boys things!!

Nicknamed the Marshmallow Tutu as it's made of cream and pink tulle!

And then there is the cot quilt... finished last night, while watching Keanu and Sandra on TV.  I'm so happy with how it turned out, even though it's not perfect, I loved the process of putting it all together. 

I used some Alexander Henry Spotted Owl and Michael Miller Word Search fabric to start from and 'found' the other fabrics in my stash.  The pattern is from here and I love how the linear quilting adds a touch of a contemporary feel to it.


  1. Love that quilt.
    Those capes will get many years of use.
    My boys still use there dress up's they are 9 & 11.
    X Kerri

  2. You have been really busy. Love the capes!

  3. That quilt is gorgeous! (And so is the tutu - already loved by it's new owner!) Thankyou! xxx

  4. You did find the silver lining so to speak . All wonderful things too ! I hope you are all feeling much better now .

  5. Your quilt is fantastic. Esp love the owls!


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