Friday, October 14, 2011

KCWC Days Three & Four.

Day Three of the KCWC had me trying desperately to finish off my Sprinkle Shirts and failing miserably.  See my problem below?  Even the boys said there was something wrong with it!

Trying to watch TV, doing this post-9pm, and rushing to finish as I couldn't believe how long this simple task was taking probably didn't help... 

Day Four saw me carefully unpicking the bits that should be where the blank triangle is and filling them in a bit better...

 Then planning and beginning the second shirt a bit less haphazardly!

And after another very late night a second Sprinkle Shirt finished!

Day Five is all about the Bucket Hat.  A big thanks to Rachael, who pointed me in the direction of a little gray for some very handy tips to make it all a bit less daunting!

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