Saturday, September 4, 2010

My New Toy!

I got a new worker sewing machine today and want to share it with you!!  After much research, some raised stress levels and a few tears I finally have a new Bernina machine (called a sewing computer in the manual) and I'm so very happy with it.  Admittedly I'm yet to use her, but had to share a pic of my new toy...

Isn't she pretty? The staff at Bernina Chatswood are the most helpful I've come across for a long time, and are very different to my local sewing centre lady who is always on the phone when I walk in and makes you wait while she chats to her friends!  When I first went to Bernina Chatswood, Julie asked me lots of questions about what I sew before recommending this model and showing me what a great machine it is.  And as an added bonus, they offer as many free one-on-one lessons as you need to help you get to know your machine and all its functions.  I've set her up and she's ready to go, but I need to find some quiet activites for the boys this rainy Saturday so they don't need me every 5 minutes!!


  1. Enjoy that cool machine/ worker/ slave . . . i'm sure you'll glide through all your projects. Hey, i'm a North Shore girl too, must chat!! Chatswood scares me now, so big & busy. Makes my new city of Canberra look tiny. Love Posie

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy your new machine today.

  3. hey sash..i just got a new machine too!! isnt it fun having something shiny and new to play with..hope you get some time to yourself to get stuck into using her this week


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