Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Reflections 02

Last week I thoroughly enjoyed watching my 2 year old 'cook' with his best friend, Millie. They made some pizza - from scratch - with a fair bit of help from the mums! Actually, there was so much raw dough consumed I'm surprised there was enough left for the pizza! But they had such a great time that it has motivated me to do something that I've been planning for ages, but have yet to action.

So, watch this space for the launch of the 'kids in the kitchen' range, I'm planning little aprons and chef's hats to start with, and am really hoping they'll look as great in reality as they do in my head! But I figure that now I've put it in writing, I really need to get started... so I'm aiming to get at least one finished by this weekend! Hold me to it!!

I've also started playing around with some ideas for hair accessories, for the purely selfish reason of being able to wear something that I've made myself! Because as much as I need a bib to keep me clean during spag bol dinners, it really isn't the most flattering look to sport around town!

And yes, I know it's no longer the weekend, but that's how long it's taken me to get this blog post finished! Hope you have a great week,

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