Monday, August 26, 2013

Winter Begone...

It's been a long painful winter around these parts, not that it's been particularly cold, but because since mid-June at least one of the five of us has had a bad cold with four weeks of flu shared around as well. We're well and truly over it and looking forward to all being back to normal soon.  The silver lining is the break from all my regular busyness has allowed me to learn new things and improve old skills! One of which was learning to crochet!

Some weeks ago I was encouraged by one of my wonderful friends to try learning to crochet (thanks Lucy!). It has been on my list of things to try for ages and I've been following a few bloggers who crochet and admiring their work.  If you're after some inspiration go and check out Dover & Madden, Vicki is so so clever and her work is meticulous.  Definitely great for inspiration.

Head over and check out the Dover & Madden blog 

We're fortunate enough to own some of Vicki's knitted hats, they really are objects of beauty, extremely well made, and incredibly stylish. Jemima has been kept warm on crisp morning walks to school and windy afternoon pick ups with her Hilary hat. Vicki also crochets stunning baby blankets, with tips shared on her blog, which is full of inspiring photography.

Jemima rocks her Hilary!

Anyway, all the time spent cuddling sick kids on the lounge was put to good use and armed with a stack of youtube tutorials I set to work learning to crochet.  I'm by no means an accomplished crochet-er but love being able to work on something creative while unwinding at the end of a busy day, as well as the gratification of completing even a tiny part of something.  I've set myself the task of making a throw to keep us warm and toasty on the lounge, and the work in progress has become a favourite of our eldest as seen below!

Armed with tissues and less than half a throw, what more does a sick boy need?

I'm just hoping to get it finished before Summer begins, and with Spring just around the corner I need to get busy!

Just to make it clear this isn't a sponsored post, I haven't been paid for my opinions of Dover & Madden products, I just genuinely love Vicki's work!

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