Friday, August 3, 2012

Making & Baking!

I have a mountain of sewing to finish, in various stages of completion...bibs awaiting binding, softies to cut, crayon wallets to be put together, dummy clips to make, you get the idea!  But all I feel like doing is baking... and eating! And then I'm too tired to accomplish much else.

The melting moments were one of last week's efforts and went down a treat with the boys.  The recipe always works and the results are delicious.  Today I'm determined to finish off a few sewing jobs before attempting any baking...

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  1. Oh gorgeous Sash, lovely to catch up, look at all your clever creations. These look delicious, my daughter had some yesterday (from the Farmer's Market) & they were so good. All the best with the new baby, i'm sure you'll cruise through & those gorgeous bit brothers will be fantastic. Love Posie


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