Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cleaning, Clearing and Tidying Up!

Yes that's right, I'm in full nesting mode!  I wish I had this level of motivation more often, but it feels fantastic to be getting rid of things we no longer use, have outgrown or are just broken but shoved in a corner to be dealt with later.  To be honest the one room that I haven't gotten to yet is the sewing/storage/soon-to-be-baby's room, or rather, I've done a couple of partial clear outs but have so much on the 'to sew' list that it's hard to completely deal with everything in there.

So this week, once my back recovers from the effort required to clear out our wardrobes, I'm finally getting around to making some more pyjamas for my boys. 

I've had the Make It Perfect Slumber Party Jammies pattern tucked away for some time now, as well as some fabric that has been pre-washed and ironed but left sitting in the 'personal sewing' pile It's time to begin the stash busting...I'm off to trace out the sizes I need!!

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