Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Resolutions, and all that!

Happy New Year my friends!!  Yes, I know I'm a bit late, but I think it's a sign of being so relaxed that the days are melding into each other... I often have to think about which day of the week it is!!  We enjoyed a lovely week at the beach before Christmas, followed by a day trip to Canberra for Handmade, followed by stacks of Christmas shenanigans.  NYE was spent with great friends and I was even awake, ready to welcome in the new year, for the first time in about five years! 

Now I've never been one for making resolutions at the beginning of each year, but a conversation with the always delightful Brianna from Mrs Peterson Pottery, had me thinking that the way I work has to change this year or I will end up burnt out by June!  The late nights for weeks on end while trying to be the wife and mum I want to be just wasn't all that successful last year.  And frankly, the reason I began IndigoElephant was so I could stay home with my beautiful boys for as long as possible and spend lots of quality time with them, not so easy on less than five hours sleep a night!  So my resolution for 2012 is: to work smarter (thanks Brianna!!) So far it's going really well, seeing as today is my first day "back at work"... but I'll let you know how things stand throughout the year!  How about you, did you make any resolutions?  And how are you going with keeping them?

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