Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An Overhaul.

Some of you would be aware that there are some changes afoot at IndigoElephant HQ, the online stores are in 'vacation mode' and you can elect to be notified when they re-open.  But until that happens you might like a sneak peek at what is underway...

It all began with the inability to find some of my regular supplies in a condition I was happy to use, and has set off a huge chain reaction affecting most of my online stock.  Due  to a worldwide cotton shortage my supplier of the lovely thick chenille used to back the Pram Blankets is no longer supplying it.  There are other suppliers but none seem to match the quality of the original so once my current stock is gone I will no longer make the blankets... and in the meantime all my stock is at Shop Handmade, in Canberra. Can I suggest that you visit them if you're ever in town, you will be assured of finding the most gorgeous collection of handmade goodies all gathered together under one roof!!

Around the same time I was struggling to source the great quality cotton towelling I've been using for years to back the bibs with as that supplier had changed suppliers... Do they know how frustrating that is?!  And so began a search for an alternative which lead to bamboo.  And I'm loving this amazingly versatile, eco-friendly, absorbent, hypoallergenic fabric... But more about that shortly!

Until we re-launch the online stores, here's a peek at some new items you can find there soon...

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