Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Season.

Things have been a little quiet on the IndigoElephant front lately, as we prepared to send our big boy off to preschool.  He was a bit apprehensive, which made me nervous about it too.  He has only ever been looked after by family or close friends - all people he knows and trusts, so the anxiety was understandable.  The hardest part of his school days would have to be leaving him upset and calling for me to stay.  But the staff are fantastic, reassure me that though he's upset for a short while, he'd settle into the day and have a wonderful time.  At one point on day one, he'd said to his teacher "this place is really great, I love it here"! Drop offs are still hard, but I'm hoping they'll improve soon!

Of course he couldn't head off to preschool without some handmade goodies from mummy!  On the list of things to take were a couple of items I was more than happy to give the IndigoElephant touch... the library bag and the hand towel! 

For the bag I dug out some lovely Echino fabric I was saving for something special and made a simple lined drawstring bag, which he loves - not sur eif it's because mummy finally made something just for him!  It's great for taking books and toys over to Nana's house as well (And yes he did bring home 2 books from the preschool library).

With the hand towel, I simply bought a cheapie white towel and added some gorgeous tape from Lilla Lotta (that was also being saved for something special) and a loop for hanging with some of the leftover library bag drawstring.  I also finally had the chance to use my Clover bias tape makers...and they are amazing! Almost no steam burns and evenly folded fabric, you've gotta love those little gadgets that make jobs easier!

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  1. Hope the drop-offs are getting easier, that's the worst thing about starting anything new with children, it takes them a little while to get used to the new routine.

    The library bag and towel look great! You'll be the envy of the other mothers! :)

    (I love my bias tape maker too!)


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