Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping for thongs (of the footwear variety!)

Last Friday my 2.5 year old was walking around wearing my pink Havaianas and stated that he wanted his own pair.  So while we were at the shops , I decided to check out their stock to find him some, and wasn't that a drama!  He very clearly (and loudly) refused to even try on any blue or black ones and insisted on we found some red ones with white stars, but they didn't have his size, and he lost it. "I WANT RED ONES" could be heard through the shop as he very clearly made his point. Luckily we had a lovely sales assistant who rang the warehouse and ordered him a red pair in his size, they should arrive sometime this week...let's hope he still likes red!

Anyway, as I was recounting this story to my husband, he suggested that I might have passed this trait onto our little But the more I think about it, he is probably right.  Being opinionated about colour is a lot like me... kinda like my OCD colour co-ordinated pincushion!

In other news, IndigoElephant's Cupcake Dribble Bib is part of a MASSIVE giveaway, put on by Chantelle, at Fat Mum Slim.  I highly recommend heading over and sharing what you love about Christmas for your chance to win a pack containing goodies from various Australian Etsy sellers worth over $600.

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  1. LOL thats a might cute coloured coordinated pin cushion though! my siter colour co-ordinates pegs on her washing!! ekkk it's catching on!


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