Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Treasures - hjrdDesign

This post has been a long time coming!! I did promise it about 3 weeks ago, right before my wonderful father-in-law passed away following a fierce battle with cancer. But, I'm back now and have even more wonderful treasures to share... I just hope I don't give away surprises certain friends may have coming their way on Christmas Day. 

 So, back towards the end of October, I stumbled across hjrdDesign, on Etsy of course! The beauty of these magnetic wallscapes grabbed me straight away, not only are they super cute but also interactive for busy kids fingers.  I think I need a collection of these on my fridge to keep the kids entertained while I cook dinner!

All items are made using upcycled materials, so you'll be sure that you're not getting something that everyone else has.  I also love the interactive aspect of these, for something that can change with your mood!


  1. Those wallscapes are gorgeous.

    I bought a couple of your bibs and they've been sent over to Ireland as Chrissie presents, I really liked them.

    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law, very tough, especially coming in the lead-up to Christmas.

  2. Thanks Emma, hope the recipent of the bibs enjoys using them.


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